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Our aim is to tackle creative poverty in UK schools.

We work with schools and young people across the UK to help provide materials, support and inspiration for pupils who want to follow creative careers.

In the UK more than 33% of children are currently living in poverty and in some areas this figure reaches a staggering 62%. An increasing number of young people are dropping out of creative subjects at school because they don’t have, and can’t afford, the materials they need to complete basic coursework or don’t recognise the scope of opportunity that exists in the creative industries.

The Make Bank provides Art and Design Kits for disadvantaged pupils who want to pursue creative education and a creative career. We also work with industry professionals to share inspiring stories, creative journeys and career advice.

With the help of our creative community The Make Bank aims to make creative education equal, accessible and fair.

We want to nurture, inspire and encourage the creative talent that will form the future of our creative industries.

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