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We know that materials alone will not create a new and diverse generation of creatives. We understand that young people need guidance, support, inspiration and knowledge to enable them to pursue a creative career.

The Make Bank is a growing resource of ideas, stories and people which will allow students to experience and explore creative careers. We want to let them know that there are thousands of jobs out there and we want them to know how to get them.

The Make Bank is calling on everyone within the creative industries and beyond to stand up and do something about Creative Poverty. This is our opportunity to create a thriving industry that is equal, diverse and fair.

We are already working with some amazing people who have donated their time and expertise to make The Make Bank work; design studios, retailers, photographers, writers, animators and PR agencies who understand that we face a crisis in creative education and have stood up to help us out. We are beyond grateful to these amazing people and companies. 

Would you like to get involved? Get in touch with us.